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95 feed China launches traffic signal for camels - about 20 hours ago positive
Lights, camels, action! Chinese officials have launched what they say is the world’s first traffic light for camels. The signal came into operation Sunday at the Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring in Dunhuang City, Chinese state media outlet ECNS said Monday. The area, in the country’s north-central Gansu province, has become increasingly popular with tourists...
95 feed Europe’s vax disaster shows Trump, UK’s BoJo got biggest COVID challenge right - about 20 hours ago positive
In the race to save lives from the novel coronavirus, the United States and Britain are winning. A stunning 47 percent of UK residents and 36 percent of US residents have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Compare that with the European Union, where only 15 percent of the population has gotten at least one jab.  America...
91 feed 1 killed, police officer hurt in shooting at Knoxville, Tennessee, high school - about 19 hours ago negative
2 hours 1 min agoKNOXVILLE — One person was killed at a Knoxville, Tennessee, high school on Monday (A
98 feed Researchers have developed innovative tough gel sheathed sutures inspired by the human tendon. The new sutures can deliver drugs, prevent infections, and monitor wounds. - about 19 hours ago
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100 feed Gerren Taylor, Star of BET's Baldwin Hills , Dead at 30: 'You Will Be Missed' - about 22 hours ago
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95 feed Airbnb Would Just Love It if You Could Just Postpone Your Orgy Until Next Year - about 20 hours ago positive
Although the axes of “Hot Girl Summer” and “Fully-Vaccinated Summer” are about to collide in an unholy fashion for a certain young subset of the population, Airbnb is respectfully asking if you would please, please just keep it chill and socially distanced for the foreseeable future.Read more...
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95 feed Son of Stuxnet? - about 21 hours ago negative
It certainly looks like Israel just cyber attacked Iran again. Authorities with the Islamic Republic are claiming that a blackout at one of the nation’s top nuclear facilities is the result of Israeli sabotage, and an Israeli media outlet has s... (continue)
stuxnet son joe biden nuclear energy in iran natanz joint comprehensive plan of action
91 feed Myanmar's ruling junta issues fresh charges for Suu Kyi - about 21 hours ago negative
Myanmar’s ruling military squared off against its opponents in the courts, the streets and the countryside Monday, showing no sign of relenting in its crackdown against those opposed…
91 feed EU, Britain seek to bridge differences over Northern Ireland - about 21 hours ago negative
Britain and the European Union are slowly working to overcome differences regarding trade flows between Northern Ireland and the British mainland after a month-long legal dispute and more…
92 feed Boyfriend describes ‘horrific’ boat fire - about 17 hours ago negative
A day of celebration quickly descended into chaos after a boat exploded on the Hawkesbury River on Easter Sunday, leaving several people in hospital with horrific burns.
92 feed Serious concerns for missing camper - about 17 hours ago negative
A search is under way for a NSW camper who has been missing in Victoria since Saturday, with police holding serious concerns for his welfare.
92 feed English football giants eye off A-League buy - about 17 hours ago neutral
A Manchester United takeover of the Central Coast Mariners could see the A League outfit moved to Sydney if the sale is approved by Football Australia.
0 feed Marbles (2016) - about 3 hours ago
Article URL: http://www.erasmatazz.com/library/life-in-general/marbles.html Comments URL: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26794110 Points: 82 # Comments: 43
0 feed 1Password Secrets Automation - about 3 hours ago
Article URL: https://blog.1password.com/introducing-secrets-automation/ Comments URL: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26794040 Points: 67 # Comments: 15
93 feed Minnesota Republicans to pitch plan to spend federal stimulus money on hard-hit industries, unemployment fund, and infrastructure - about 20 hours ago neutral
Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, R-East Gull Lake, and Sen. Zach Duckworth, R-Lakeville, on Friday announced a package aiming to spend billions of federal dollars on hard-hit industries, filling the unemployment fund, and infrastructure plans.
95 feed Daunte Wright’s killing is a reminder of how quickly traffic stops can become deadly - about 20 hours ago
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95 feed A Black Army lieutenant is suing Virginia police after being held at gunpoint - about 20 hours ago
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98 feed U.K. variant isn't linked to more severe disease or death, study finds - about 20 hours ago
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98 feed Covid vaccine: All over-50s and high risk groups offered first dose (UK) - about 22 hours ago
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98 feed Uber, Walgreens, PayPal to cover COVID-19 vaccine rides for needy in U.S. - about 19 hours ago
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