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93 feed Trump takes aim at Republicans who have spoken out against him - about 6 hours ago
Former US president Donald Trump has used his first major speech since leaving office to take aim at Republicans who have spoken out against him.
94 feed トランプ氏、次期大統領選に再出馬示唆 新党結党は否定 - about 11 hours ago
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94 feed 香港の民主派元議員ら47人起訴 政権転覆の罪で公判へ - about 12 hours ago
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94 feed 「政府は国民を信頼して」オードリー・タン氏からの提言 - about 12 hours ago
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94 feed イエメン内戦、緊張高まる放置タンカー 石油漏出の懸念 - about 12 hours ago
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96 feed ‘The Crown’ wins best TV drama - about 10 hours ago
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100 feed Trump calls for GOP unity, repeats lies about election loss - about 8 hours ago
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94 feed 口から飲み込む「粉末コンピューター」 阪大で開発中 - about 11 hours ago
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99 feed Why it's so hard for planes to land on water - about 17 hours ago
The Miracle on the Hudson might be the most well-known airplane ditching. Despite that success, landing a plane on the water is extremely dangerous.
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0 feed Woman identified as ‘Father’ on birth certificate of infant she gave birth to - about 9 hours ago
News Headlines | Breaking | Opinion | Nation Scoops Myles Brady Davis, who identifies as “transmasculine”, has become the first natal woman in Illinois to be listed as the “father” on a baby’s birth certificate. Davis’s spouse, Precious, who identifies as a transgender woman, is listed as the baby’s “mother”. When Myles Brady Davis originally learned that the birth certificate would list Davis as […] This is to inform readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in comments do not reflect the opinion of the editor and staff at Nation Scoops.
98 feed Voter Suppression Is Grand Larceny | We are watching another theft of power. - about 11 hours ago
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98 feed Virginia Becomes First Southern State to Pass Legislation to Legalize Marijuana - about 13 hours ago
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100 feed How Novavax proved its naysayers wrong - about 13 hours ago
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100 feed AstraZeneca Divests Entire 7.7% Stake In Moderna For $1B: The Times - about 10 hours ago
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100 feed AP PHOTOS: 1 month in Myanmar under military control - about 9 hours ago
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92 feed Military trials training for missions in virtual reality - about 7 hours ago
BBC's Zoe Kleinman experiences software which creates virtual training simulations for the military.
100 feed Why it is usually a mistake for investors to take profits - about 13 hours ago
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100 feed Bitcoin’s Long-Term Value Doubted Due to ESG, Tighter Regulation - about 9 hours ago
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100 feed Why Bitcoin Price Predictions Are Unreliable - about 10 hours ago
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100 feed Verizon gambles on sports betting to restore media business - about 13 hours ago
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