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93 feed Dreadful Decade of Best Picture Winners Marches On Into '21 - about 6 hours ago
Even with a pandemic locking us all down, no one is even aware of, much less watching, this year's Best Picture nominees.
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93 feed Performative Progressivism Legitimizes Election Fraud - about 6 hours ago
Major League Baseball's decision to move its all-star game out of Atlanta is more evidence that the 2020 election was compromised. Otherwise, Democratic Party officials and operatives wouldn't have targeted MLB and big Atlanta-based corporations after Georgia's Republican-controlled legislature passed a law limiting future opportunities for election fraud.
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93 feed As Police 'Mistakes' Persist, Daunte Wright Killed - about 6 hours ago
We're tired of those who try to justify the abuse and destruction of Black and brown bodies by asking: Why didn't he comply? If he had, he'd be alive.
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93 feed A Police-Involved Shooting Sparks an Instant Riot - about 6 hours ago
By now, it's a ritual of contemporary American life - a police-involved shooting followed by a riot. Police in Brooklyn Center, Minn., shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop last weekend, leading to a ­violent siege of the police headquarters and looting of local businesses.
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93 feed Why Do Kind, Intelligent People Join the Anti-Black Antiracists? - about 6 hours ago
From a certain distance it looks like we are dealing with people who "went crazy." But that won't do. How many people can we realistically tar as insane? In which human society have a critical mass of people become mentally deficient? Yet we want to know just why this new religion arose.
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93 feed Why Will Smith Pulled Slavery Film From Georgia - about 6 hours ago
The actor couldn't support the state's new laws, which he compared to Reconstruction-era voting impediments
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93 feed No, the GOP and the Dems Haven't Actually Swapped Brains - about 6 hours ago
Republicans' attacks on Big Business are as fake as their phony working-class act. But the paying audience loves the show and that's all that matters.
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93 feed The Absentee Vote Logic of the New York Times - about 6 hours ago
By making accusations of vote fraud he was not able to prove, both before and after the election, Donald Trump made it easy for his critics to dismiss as dishonest any and all concerns about election integrity. Typical was a New York Times "fact check" from late September denouncing as "false" GOP claims that expanding access to absentee ballots and voting by mail facilitated election fraud.
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93 feed Republicans Are Politicizing the Border and Children's Lives - about 6 hours ago
Julian Castro writes that Republicans' fear-mongering and gaslighting regarding the increase in unaccompanied migrant minors in the US southern border shows a disturbing hypocrisy and how detached from reality they are.
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93 feed Why Biden Is Rethinking His Opposition to the Border Wall - about 6 hours ago
He is reportedly considering a return to construction of the southern border wall in order to fill in gaps.
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93 feed What the Liberal Justices Can Still Do on a 6-3 Court - about 7 hours ago
They're adapting textualism. They should at least make use of it.
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93 feed Biden Admin Puts Religious Freedom Programs on Hold - about 7 hours ago
Samantha Power, President Biden's choice to head the U.S. Agency for International Development, literally wrote the book on America's poor record of fighting genocides around the world even as the nation's leaders have promised "never again" after the Holocaust.
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93 feed China: Compromising U.S. Elected Officials - about 7 hours ago
China is certainly not the only foreign government that has made American politicians wealthy, either directly or indirectly. Given the size of their economy and the wealth of commercial ties between U.S. business and China, however, they do it bigger
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93 feed The U.S. Faces a National Climate Change Emergency - about 7 hours ago
This month, President Biden will convene 40 world leaders to discuss the urgency of climate action and strengthen global cooperation on key climate goals. But before the president takes the global stage at the Leaders Summit on Climate, there's something he should do at home: declare a national climate emergency here in the United States.
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93 feed Television's Trumpiest New Show - about 7 hours ago
Sebastian Gorka's new 'Reality Check' proves that propaganda makes lousy TV.
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93 feed Biden Declares War on the American Energy Industry - about 7 hours ago
Am I the only one who finds it head-scratching that President Joe Biden, who wants to spend $2 trillion of taxpayer money on "infrastructure," is the same president whose first act in the White House was to kill a multibillion-dollar oil and gas pipeline that would create some 15,000 jobs? The Keystone pipeline that he canceled was vital to our energy infrastructure and wasn't going to cost taxpayers a penny.
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93 feed The Great Awokening: America's Latest 'Religious' Revival - about 7 hours ago
One of the most striking features of American history is its periodic waves of religious fervor. We are in the midst of another today, stripped of its references to God but filled with the same passionate desire to be reborn, absolved from past sins.
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93 feed CEOs' Surrender to the Mobocrats on the Left Will End Poorly - about 7 hours ago
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93 feed Biden's Culture War Is Causing Hispanic Families to Flee Democrats - about 7 hours ago
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93 feed Trump Abandoned the Climate. This Is Biden's Moment - about 7 hours ago
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