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95 feed Bowled over by high-tech toilets - about 1 hour ago
Japan is known for robots, sushi and cherry blossoms. But there's a new attraction: a futuristic museum devoted to high-tech toilets. Seth Doane visits the Toto Museum, and the factory of Japan's largest toilet manufacturer, to learn about the latest in commode design.
95 feed Melinda Gates discusses annual letter from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - about 1 hour ago
Philanthropist Melinda Gates sits down with Gayle King to discuss the themes and highlights of her foundation's traditional yearly letter. It comes as no surprise that this year, it focuses exclusively on the COVID-19 pandemic and the global response to it. It also looks ahead and recommends how to prepare for the next one.
95 feed Kim Jong Un orders rocket launch - about 2 hours ago
Defying international warnings, North Korea has launched a long-range rocket. Jonathan Vigliotti reports from London.
95 feed Will Brazil's Carnival spread the Zika virus? - about 2 hours ago
With the Carnival celebration underway in Brazil, concern about the Zika virus looms large. This week, over a million tourists will visit Brazil, the country with the highest number of Zika infections. Dr. Jon LaPook reports from Rio de Janeiro.
95 feed Hundreds missing after deadly Taiwan earthquake - about 2 hours ago
A 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked Tainan, a city of nearly two million people on Taiwan's southern coast, early Saturday morning. Mireya Villarreal has more on the search for survivors.
95 feed Reporter's Notebook: Zika outbreak in Brazil - about 2 hours ago
CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jonathan LaPook and freelance producer Kate Steiker-Ginzberg discuss the Zika outbreak in Brazil and what is being done to prevent the virus from continuing to spread.
95 feed Increased fighting in Aleppo causes thousands to flee Syria - about 2 hours ago
Backed by Russian airstrikes, the Syrian regime has launched a new offensive around the city of Aleppo -- the main rebel stronghold. Tens of thousands of refugees have fled the area seeking safety. Holly Williams reports.
95 feed Experts call for restrictions amid India's COVID-19 surge - about 2 hours ago
Crowded election rallies, a massive religious festival and careless attitudes push India on to a surging second wave. Critics blame the government.
95 feed Twitter says it has canceled 125,000 ISIS accounts - about 3 hours ago
Twitter has canceled some 125,000 accounts affiliated with the terrorist group ISIS. CBS News foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Brennan has details for CBSN.
95 feed "Sofagate" incident sparks petition for resignition - about 3 hours ago
A group of women leaders said the chair snub was a "trap" set by Turkish President Erdoğan – and European Council President Charles Michel fell into it.
95 feed Wife crashes her own funeral, shocks husband who tried to kill her - about 3 hours ago
An Australian woman surprises her husband at her own funeral after he hired hitmen to kill her in Africa. 48 Hours Crimesider Reporter Graham Kates joins CBSN to discuss the case.
95 feed Elton John surprises London commuters with performance - about 3 hours ago
Elton John surprises London commuters with performance.
95 feed 2/4: Florida on edge as Zika virus spreads; NFL cashing in on female fan base - about 3 hours ago
Five Florida counties have declared health emergencies due to the mosquito-borne Zika virus; Though it's traditionally considered a man's sport, the NFL has been working to include more women on and off the field.
95 feed Women urged to avoid drinking if trying to become pregnant - about 4 hours ago
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that women looking to get pregnant should not drink alcohol. CBS News medical contributor Dr. Holly Phillips joins CBSN with more.
95 feed Iran to enrich uranium to highest level ever, official says - about 4 hours ago
The announcement marks a significant escalation after the sabotage, suspected of having been carried out by Israel.
95 feed U.S. intelligence warns of "diverse array" of threats in new report - about 4 hours ago
A new report says China, Russia, Iran and North Korea will seek to challenge U.S. interests in different arenas and on multiple levels.
95 feed German welcome for refugees growing thin - about 4 hours ago
No European country opened their borders to refugees fleeing the Middle East quite like Germany. But after more than a million migrants settled there, the attitude has started to change. Charlie D'Agata reports.
95 feed Florida declares Zika virus health emergency - about 5 hours ago
Nine cases of the Zika virus have been detected in Florida, where conditions are just right for the mosquito-borne virus to spread. Zika has been linked to birth defects when pregnant women are infected. Dr. Jon LaPook has more from the center of the Zika outbreak, Recife, Brazil.
95 feed Russia warns U.S. to stay away from Ukraine for its "own good" - about 5 hours ago
U.S. and Russia both reportedly sending warships into Black Sea amid fast-escalating standoff that Ukraine calls a struggle "between democracies and authoritarianism."
95 feed How Brazil is rushing to stop spread of Zika virus - about 5 hours ago
The Zika outbreak has entered a dangerous new phase, with the first confirmed transmission of the virus inside the U.S. Texas health officials say it likely happened through sexual contact, not a mosquito bite. Dr. Jon LaPook reports from Recife, Brazil with the country's response at the global emergency's ground zero.