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93 feed Britain’s new £2bn fighter jet could be armed with LASERS to zap Putin and Kim’s hypersonic missiles out the sky - about 4 hours ago
BRITAIN’S next fighter plane could be armed with lasers designed to zap hypersonic missiles out of the sky. Sixth generation warplanes dubbed “Tempest” are being developed by Britain in a joint effort between the Royal Air Force and Italian Air Force. General Enzo Vecciarelli, Italy’s military chief of staff, suggested the plane will “probably be […]
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93 feed Mysterious UFO encounters probed by Pentagon could ‘hypersonic drones from China or Russia’, claims ex-MoD investigator - about 4 hours ago
BIZARRE flashing objects caught on camera buzzing US warships may be hypersonic drones from China or Russia, a leading UFO expert has claimed. It comes after the Pentagon revealed to The Sun Online the latest video showing the mysterious crafts buzzing its warships off the American coast. Nick Pope, who investigated UFOs for the Ministry […]
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93 feed Ramadan 2021: Muslims follow Covid rules as they pray at Mecca shrines once packed with TWO MILLION worshippers - about 4 hours ago
SOCIALLY-DISTANCED worshippers have been allowed to pray at Mecca shrines which were once packed with TWO MILLION Muslims before the pandemic. Last year the Great Mosque of Mecca was empty – as Muslims were forced to celebrate Ramadan in isolation at the very start of the pandemic. This year, people have been allowed to take […]
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93 feed Prince Harry agreed to MARRY ME, claims furious woman duped by conman… who now wants royal arrested - about 5 hours ago
A FURIOUS woman from India wants Prince Harry ARRESTED – after a conman pretending to be the royal proposed to her. The woman, identified as Palwinder Kaur, claimed a relationship blossomed online with a man claiming to be the Duke who then asked to wed her. Ms Kaur, who appears to have been catfished into […]
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93 feed Russia warns US to keep warships away ‘for their own good’ as state TV claims Putin could wipe out Ukraine in two days - about 6 hours ago
RUSSIA has warned the US to keep its warships away from Crimea “for their own good” and accused them of turning the region into a “powder keg”, as the Ukraine crisis becomes increasingly hostile. It comes as Washington deployed two ships to the Black Sea and reiterated that the US “stands firmly behind” its European […]
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93 feed Vladimir Putin risks ‘stupid mistake’ with Ukraine that may spark all-out war & draw in West, ex-Royal Navy chief warns - about 6 hours ago
A FORMER Royal Navy chief has warned Vladimir Putin would make a “stupid mistake” if he invaded Ukraine as NATO today vowed to stand by the Eastern European country. Admiral Lord West has slammed the Russian strongman for risking a “miscalculation” as he ramps up his military squeeze on his neighbour. His comments came as […]
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93 feed Horrifying moment man sucker punches & kills mum-of-two ‘to vent his anger after blazing row with girlfriend’ - about 6 hours ago
A MAN sucker-punched a mum-of-two knocking her unconscious, before killing her, setting his own apartment on fire, and killing himself – after rowing with his girlfriend. Washington Andrade de Jesus, 36, allegedly murdered his neighbour Aline dos Santos Viana, 32, in a misdirected rage at their apartment building in the Sao Vicente, south-eastern Brazil on April […]
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93 feed Ramadan – Socially-distanced worshippers pray at Mecca shrines once packed with TWO MILLION Muslims before Covid - about 8 hours ago
SOCIALLY-DISTANCED worshippers have been allowed to pray at Mecca shrines which were once packed with TWO MILLION Muslims before the pandemic. Last year the Great Mosque of Mecca was empty – as Muslims were forced to celebrate Ramadan in isolation at the very start of the pandemic. This year, people have been allowed to take […]
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93 feed War fears grow as China flies record number of nuke bombers and fighter jets into Taiwan airspace - about 10 hours ago
A LETHAL fleet of Chinese nuke bombers and fighter jets have entered Taiwanese airspace in record numbers – as war fears continue to grow amid escalating conflicts with the US. It is the latest bold manoeuver in a series of increasingly aggressive actions from Beijing, as tensions continue to brew over US interference – who […]
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93 feed Kim Jong Un ‘amassing deadly arsenal of 240 nukes and ballistic missiles to wipe out the West’ - about 10 hours ago
KIM Jong Un could be assembling a deadly arsenal of 240 nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles which could wipe out the West. A think tank report has warned allies must identify strategies to counter any nuclear warfare attempts by North Korea that “could cause millions of deaths”. The research report by the Asan Institute for […]
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93 feed Cristiano Ronaldo rape accuser calls for him & ’super agent’ Jorge Mendes to testify over ‘hotel sex attack hush money’ - about 10 hours ago
CRISTIANO Ronaldo’s rape accuser’s legal team have demanded to grill the footballer this month over claims she was “mentally incapacitated” when she accepted £290,000 in hush money. Former model Kathryn Mayorga’s attorneys have repeatedly requested to depose the Juventus ace and his “super agent” Jorge Mendes via Zoom, according to new legal documents.  Football legend […]
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93 feed Sick stepdad sent vile texts to his 13-year-old daughter asking if she wanted to ‘fool around’ and ‘get to second base’ - about 11 hours ago
A SICK stepdad has been jailed after he sent vile messages regarding a number of sex acts to his 13 year-old daughter. According to sentencing remarks, the unidentified man from South Australia texted the young teen and offered to “fool around” and “try first and second base.” The victim was his partner’s daughter, whom he […]
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93 feed Mysterious string of lights spotted hovering in the sky baffles onlookers in Australia - about 11 hours ago
A MYSTERIOUS string of lights which was spotted hovering in the sky has baffled onlookers in Australia. Pictures show the long straight line of glowing dots that were seen above eastern Australia at around 5am on Tuesday morning. Now the unusual sight is being linked to a project belonging to Elon Musk. Snaps of the […]
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93 feed RAF jets scramble to Romania to ward off Putin threat as Russia vows to retaliate against ‘enemy’ America over Ukraine - about 11 hours ago
RAF Typhoons are braced to patrol the Black Sea amid fears President Putin is preparing to invade Ukraine. Top Guns expect to go toe-to-toe with Russian MIGs and Sukhoi jets as tensions reach boiling point. The Typhoon FGR4s, armed with Paveway bombs and Brimstone missiles, will be part of a Nato “air policing mission”. The […]
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93 feed Lockdown fury erupts in Europe as Italian restaurant owners clash with cops over Covid vaccine chaos as Britain opens up - about 11 hours ago
LOCKDOWN fury has erupted in Europe – with Italian restaurant owners clashing with cops over the country’s shutdown and vaccine chaos. Last night’s demonstration in Rome is the latest in a series of anti-lockdown protests across Italy while a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic takes hold in Europe. The lockdown weary Italians are begging […]
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93 feed WHO chiefs FINALLY call for a ban on wet markets over Covid outbreak - about 13 hours ago
THE World Health Organization today called for a halt to the sale of live wild mammals in food markets to prevent the spread of disease and any future pandemics. They have called on countries to abandon the traditional trade of “live caught wild animals of mammalian species” in a bid to curb public health risks. […]
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93 feed Notorious ‘Butt Squad’ naked models jailed in Dubai over nude photoshoot on balcony deported back to Ukraine - about 13 hours ago
THE notorious so-called Butt Squad has flown home to Ukraine after being deported in disgrace from Dubai.  The models sparked an international scandal and were accused of “offending public decency” by posing naked on a balcony in the United Arab Emirates.  Ten of the 11 who were detained in custody arrived back in Kyiv overnight, and one […]
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93 feed Brit, 24, killed in Costa Blanca motorway tunnel crash as car rolls after smashing into central reservation - about 13 hours ago
THE victim of the horror crash on a Spanish motorway has been identified as a 24-year-old Brit. The victim, believed to be an expat, was killed instantly after smashing into the central reservation of the AP-7 motorway near the entrance to a tunnel close to the Costa Blanca town of Pilar de la Horadada. Footage […]
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93 feed Naked model arrested over Dubai photoshoot slams ‘total d**k’ man who ‘forced’ her to pose nude & posted pics online - about 22 hours ago
A MODEL who was arrested over a naked photoshoot in Dubai has slammed a “total d**k” American playboy who allegedly forced her to pose nude and then posted the pictures on Instagram. Irina Sotulenko, 23, is the first participant to speak about the shocking nude video and pictures and is now in detention in the United […]
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93 feed Man ‘kills date and stuffs her body in wardrobe before hiring oblivious REMOVAL MEN to fly tip it by roadside’ - about 23 hours ago
A MAN allegedly killed his date and hid her body in a wardrobe before hiring oblivious removal men to dump the furniture by the roadside. The 25-year-old suspect was arrested in Cascavel, Brazil, on April 8 after being reported to police anonymously. Police said he confessed to killing Gisele da Costa Santos, 26, a woman […]
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